Christians Together in Knaresborough Holiday Club is for all primary school aged children, including those who have completed the Foundation Stage. Doors open at 9.45am and the sessions run from 10.00am-12 noon on Tuesday 30 July, Wednesday 31 July and Thursday 1 August.
This years Holiday Club will be … Deep Sea Divers. – Each year we welcome many children, and together with the leaders they have a fantastic week building relationships and having fun together.

This year we are diving into the oceans to explore the wonderful creatures and their habitats – the sunlight zone – closest to the surface of the sea where we meet Hermit crabs, angel fish, sting rays and basking sharks, – the twilight zone – 200 to 1000 metres down where cuttle fish, nautilus, lantern fish and comb jelly fish make their homes and -the trenches- the regions at the very bottom of the sea more than 6,000 metres down!
Imagine the creatures you might see there!!

Jesus wants us to dive into the Bible and all the amazing stories we can read there…. including the stories from Matthew which we will explore in the the three days.

Come and and join us for crafts, games, puppets and amazing stories about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Meet some of the people who got to know Him and hear as they reflect on what they knew of Jesus.

Come and Dive Deep with us at DEEP SEA DIVERS! .

As a Christian community , we are excited about the challenges of Holiday Club and we give thanks that we are supported in prayer by our wider church families. There is no charge for any child attending.

Each child will be well-looked after by a dedicated group of volunteers, all of whom have received training for the event and have been DBS cleared. If you have any concerns about your children attending Holiday Club, and you would like to discuss them, please do contact us on 07946 382688 or e-mail We will have a registered first-aider in the building at all times as your child’s safety is paramount at all times.

We are looking forward to serving you and your child/children and we hope this will be a very special time for all involved in the Holiday Club.

We hope to see you there!

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