Musings from the Manse – May 2023


What are you like for with ‘firsts’? Doing something for the first time can be exhilarating or it can be daunting or indeed a whole mix of emotions. I recently went go karting for our grandson George’s 11th birthday to Xscape near Castleford. They are electric go karts and of course very low to the ground and go very fast and I was in a twin seater with Archie our younger grandson, which made me even more nervous. I wore a crash helmet for the first time and I have to say it was all quite scary but it was also an exhilarating experience.

Some of us will be watching live our first Coronation shortly and indeed those of you who were alive in June 1953 may not have had a TV to watch it on. Now you may not be over excited about this or indeed you may be really looking forward to it with all its pomp and ceremony and of course its deep meaning in the fact that it is part of an act of worship.

All this makes us think about those things we look forward too or indeed things we may get excited about, which is all part of our living life in all its fullness. Indeed, I believe Jesus would have got excited about his mission and his love for humankind. Maybe that is something we haven’t considered before but Christ’s life and his example on earth is one of passion and excitement.

He was and is excited about pointing us towards his Father and our Father God. He is excited about the deep personal relationship he has and wants with us. He is excited about us living our lives under the direction and purpose of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment and the difference we can make in the world as we serve Christ and play our part in bringing God’s Kingdom to come. And he is excited about giving us the gift of the Holy Spirit to aid us, encourage us, provoke us, motivate us, strengthen us and comfort us.

As we celebrate this month the first Pentecost we see the amazing supernatural coming of the Holy Spirit into the lives of the first disciples. As Rev Tommy Macneil states in his book we

are studying together ‘They were purposefully, supernaturally equipped to evangelise, supernaturally empowered to witness to all the people who had gathered.’ And so are we! He goes on to say; ‘This first outpouring of the Holy Spirit occurred in the Church and flowed out of the Church. I believe this is God’s heart and desire for His church today.’

Let’s encourage each other in the power of the Holy Spirit maybe to do something for the first time for Jesus. Maybe ask family and friends one or some of these questions to start a conversation being careful to how you react, so as not to judge;

Do you believe in God?

Where are you with God?

Where is God with you in this?

What is being spiritual to you?

What do you think happens after death?

Is it ok if I pray for you?

Let’s talk together about some of the responses we receive, good or bad.

Your friend and servant


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