Musings from The Manse – October 2021

During lockdown I have heard from a number of politicians that they have been ‘working tirelessly’ to resolve a particular issue and I have seen this adopted in other areas including our own Synod in a communication that stated ‘the Lay Preaching planning group have been working tirelessly this summer…’. The dictionary defines this as ‘someone who has put a lot of hard work into something and refuses to give up or take a rest’. I am not doubting that anyone who states this probably has been working tirelessly but I wonder why it needs to be stated? I heard one TV interviewer tell a politician who had used this phrase that he expected our politicians to work tirelessly for the people they serve.

I wonder when we look at Jesus if we would be right in saying that in his ministry on earth he worked tirelessly. Well of course he did but he also took time to rest and certainly time out of situations to be alone with God. Maybe it raises a question for you and me, are we working tirelessly for God’s Kingdom as servants and friends of our Lord Jesus Christ and have we got the right balance between working for him and resting in him? It seems as we move forward in our church activities and mission some may feel ready and willing to pick up the kingdom work and others may feel reluctant to be involved because of covid concerns or indeed some may feel mentally or physically tired. What is God saying to you at this time?

Jesus says to his followers in Matthew 9.37-38 GNB;

“The harvest is large, but there are few workers to gather it in. 38 Pray to the owner of the harvest that he will send out workers to gather in his harvest.”

Well it maybe that you are feeling that call to something to serve Christ and enthusiastic at testing that call or simply getting on with it or if you are feeling God saying to you not yet then ask him when. But wherever we find ourselves at this time let us all pray to God ‘the owner of the harvest’ to send workers.

Many years ago in my teenage years I heard at our Church Meeting that we couldn’t get workers in a particular aspect of its mission and there was some disquiet from some saying it’s always the same folk who turn up. I remember being encouraged by the line in the Hymn Thy hand, O God, has guided, that says ‘the faithful few fought bravely’ and that line has always stayed with me and encouraged me that we are called by Jesus to be one of the faithful few. We may sometimes feel it’s tough with just a few workers but with Jesus on our side lets be encouraged and give thanks for the workers we have and the blessing that they bring as they follow and serve Jesus.

At our Harvest services we will sing ‘Here I am, wholly available – as for me, I will serve the Lord.’

Let’s give thanks together at our Harvest and with open hearts and minds tell Jesus we are ‘wholly available’.

Your friend and servant


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