Musings from the Manse – June 2021

In my Musing last month we thought about what has been in the past whether that’s a week ago or time before Covid or years back, but we reminded ourselves of Jesus words;

“No one who puts a hand to the plough and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” Luke 9.62

and so we looked forward to Pentecost and being able to worship in our buildings again. Well after much planning in what we could do in the service and how we can use technology and our musicians having the joy of rehearsing together again, Pentecost came in all its moving joy of being together in the Spirit. Across the two churches nearly 50 people attended in person worship and a further 40 online through Zoom and FaceBook live. It really was a Pentecost to remember and we thank God for all involved in making it happen and for the Spirit of togetherness among us.

As the theme of looking forward to what God is calling us to do is prevalent in my mind at the moment, I am reminded of a photo that I took just a few weeks ago during one of my morning prayer runs that I have shared on our Facebook page;  It was just a quick snap I took on my phone as I stopped to pray [and catch my breath] but when I got home I found it really spoke to me. It leads you forward to discover what lies ahead on the path, to beyond into the next field and further on to the tree line to discover what lies there and next and in all that journey being drawn forward in the glorious light of the Son.   For me it seems to speak so clearly of where the church is in this country at the moment and especially our two churches. This is against a backdrop of a number of churches that I am aware of that have recently taken the difficult decision to close. And then loud and clear as Peter addressed the crowd in Acts 2 he quotes from the Prophet Joel

‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams.’

If we take this to heart we need to ask ourselves what do you believe is God’s vision for Bilton Grange and Knaresborough URC’s? This is not a question someone else has to answer it’s a question you need to answer after prayer and then feed it into our meetings together. We don’t appoint leaders to tell us what to do and where to go, we appoint leaders to lead us in the direction that we have all discerned God is calling us.

So let’s see visions and dream dreams and together in the Spirit we move forward in the confidence and strength that the Spirit gives.

Your friend, servant and colleague in Christ


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