Coronavirus Update No.7 – May 2021

Though the Government had allowed churches to open for Worship from the 4th July 2020, each church needs to individually decide what they will do or can do with regard to the regulations and restrictions this will entail. Since then we have been subject to several lock downs and are currently still in one.

As a church we held our first Trial service in the last week of October 2020. This was to enable us to practice our Covid regulations and to consider the future opening of the church.
However, with the current lockdown restrictions being slowly lifted, both churches, here in Knaresborough and in Bilton respectively, will now resume worship in our buildings enforcing full Covid regulations, including booking, social distancing etc from Sunday 23rd May for the forseeable future of five Sundays, unless there is a major change in the Covid situation and restrictions. After this time, we will continue to open up the church as regulations allow. At this present moment we can not any further update on the opening of the Hall for related activities.

We will discuss  this at our Church Meetings and Elders meetings again to review the position.  We can hold funeral services as the need arises.
We do continue to worship and share together on Zoom and Facebook and will be considering our next mission intentions in both churches at our respective church meetings.
We continue to pray for this situation as we work our way through what God requires of us at this time.
With love in Christ
Minister and Elders

Please watch this site or contact the person you normally deal with in regard to Hall Hire for further information.
If you should wish to join us in church for Sunday worship, please email for the details. It will be great to welcome you.
May God Bless you and please keep safe.

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