Walking towards Easter together

Lent is the period running up to the festival of Easter. It represents the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert before he began his work on earth. He spent time with God, the Father, preparing for all he would need to do. In the same way, Lent encourages us to take time to go slower, take deep breaths, reflect on our faith, spend time with God and prepare our hearts for Easter.

It begins with Shrove Tuesday, when we use up all the treats from the house in preparation for a simpler way of living. Sometimes people give things up or make sacrifices during Lent. It’s not about punishing yourself but it can be about rebalancing life. It ends with Easter Sunday – often a feast day of chocolate eggs and other treats.
Jesus spent his 40 days alone. The first thing he did when he left the desert was find 12 others to be with him. We encourage you to find a balance of time on your own during Lent, but also to encourage you to connect with others. Perhaps choose one person, or another family who you can touch base with regularly over lent and share your journeys. Your local church might offer other ways to connect with others walking towards Easter.
Our hope is that over Lent we will grow closer to God and to each other.
Please do join us in Worship on Sundays via Zoom. You will be most welcome! See the Sunday entries under Events for further details.

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