Musings from the Manse – January 2021

I loved hearing people’s stories at our last service in 2020 of how their Christmas Day was and seeing some of your pictures was joyous but also very moving. Just a few of the many comments and prayers of thanks made in worship on chat are below;

Thankful that what was going to be a lonely Christmas turned into a surprising and unexpected one just as the coming of the Christ child.
For the human spirit which makes something good despite difficulty and for all the beauty and fun we can share through modern media
Thankful for zoom as I could see and talk to my family at Christmas even though I couldn’t be with them. Technology is one of God’s blessings
The coronavirus has actually made this Christmas more memorable in other ways.
It is so interesting to reflect on these thoughts and see the thread of thanks for technology that runs through them. The Sunday before Christmas at worship we all gave our thanks to Elisa and Randy with most of our screens being filled with the simple but heartfelt words ‘thank you’ for their amazing ministry to us all in their wonderful technical support they have given to enable and greatly enhance our worship of our amazing God.
It’s interesting that twelve months ago I guess many people would not have had technology high on their thanksgiving prayer list, but as well as for worship, technology through the telephone, texts, messenger, FaceTime,  Skype, Social Media, Zoom etc. have enabled many to maintain vital contact with family and friends and of course the church family in the painful absence of physical contact. This has reflected for many getting over obstacles and lack of technological know how and persevering and this has been nothing short of inspirational.
In all the immense challenges this year has brought I am sure you join with me in thanking God that he has very much been with us and the evidence of this is so clear in all the stories that you have been sharing. It seems that this year has been one to be more appreciative about what perhaps we took for granted before. So as we move into 2021 with all the challenges known and unknown, may we lean on God in our times of need and continue to share God’s love with each other and the world in the many new ways we have learned and pray for each other and do all this with thankful hearts.
May God bless 2021 to you
With love in Christ

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