Christians Together in Knaresborough deliver cards of Hope and Light to businesses in Knaresborough

This Christmas as the churches in Knaresborough have done for the last two and half years we are delivering cards to as many shops and businesses in our town as we can. The theme this year is ‘Lighten our darkness’ which is reflected on the cards and also echoed as the theme of the Christmas Tree Festival at St.John’s Church. The cards have been decorated by primary school children, children belonging to the churches and adults too! We have delivered cards and other items such as stones and palm crosses at major times in the christian calender such as Easter, Harvest thankgiving and Christmas.

We are thinking and praying for our shops and businesses all the year round but especially this year as times have been very difficult for them. We wish them ‘Light’ in their darkness and hope that they will be supported by the town and that their circumstances may take a turn for the better next year.


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