Would You Like Prayer?

We are a Fellowship that believes in prayer. In these unprecedented times, more people are needing the comfort of prayer. If you would like a prayer said for yourself or someone else for whatever reason, then please email us at this address:-  prayerrequest@rodh58.sg-host.com

    If you wish you need only put your initial or the other person’s initial, God will know who you are asking  prayer for.  Also, you do not have to put a reason for the prayer, if you do not wish to, God will know your needs.

An example might be:-
‘Please pray for me (initial/name) or ‘please pray for my daughter(initial/name) etc. and /or you can add the reason why, it maybe illness, anxiety, suffering, etc.
That is all it needs to be, your prayer will be brought before God by our prayer team.
God Bless you.

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