Musings from the Manse – May

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, Alleluia.

How different those familiar words felt this Easter, indeed much of the familiar things in life have changed over the past few weeks and yet, however uncomfortable and difficult these times are, we look to God in the resurrection of Christ as we hear again ‘I am with you always, to the very end of the age’. Maybe we need to speak out these words of Jesus every morning as soon as we wake up.

God hasn’t caused this virus but he is very much with us in it, in the many ‘resurrection moments’ that we talked about in worship on Easter Sunday evening. I feel he is very much with me as I come to terms with different ways of ministering and communicating. Between us in a very short time we have moved to keeping in touch and in fellowship together, and nurturing our faith together via telephone, post, Facebook, Whatsapp and Zoom. None of this is perfect of course but neither is our meeting together in person. What we lose in physical presence with each other, we can gain in increased sharing and greater accessibility.

We often say Lent is a period of reflection but in this Easter time moving towards Pentecost there is so much to think through and process. We have to be more mindful of our feelings and be prepare to name them and indeed share them with those we feel safe doing. Particularly of course with God in prayer. We really need to be there for each other more than we have ever been, as we cope with many feelings including grieving the loss of people and our ‘freedom’. We can take heart in the knowledge that not only is God with us always but Christ is the only one who can say ‘I know how you feel’.

May we continue to love and support each other and our neighbour in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Your friend, servant and Easter colleague in Christ


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