Dinner with Gladiator ‘Ace’ – Warren Furman on 7th March

On the evening of  Saturday 7th March we held a dinner to welcome Warren Furman also known as ‘Ace’ – the Gladiator from the TV series a few years ago. We were treated to a wonderful three course meal all planned, organised and cooked on the premises by a great team of ladies here in our church. This was quite a feat as it entailed  serving about sixty six people!

After the meal our Minister ‘interviewed’ Warren about his life both past and present. He revealed how he had idolised body builders such as Stallone and so forth and started to work out in gyms etc. Eventually he gained a place on the Gladiators programme and became a household name. But the programme finished and so did the money and the high life and Warren found himself working as a site manager. But he felt that there was more to life than money and celebrity status and began to explore various religions and faiths. One day at a rich man’s party, he asked this man for advice for his future and this man told him to: 1. do the Alpha course and 2. get baptised and then to come back and see him again. This he did and eventually led Warren to become a Christian  and he now gives talks such as these and goes into schools and talks to children. It was a wondeful evening and we had many guests who do not attend a church but wanted to hear him, we hope that God will speak to them too.

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