› Knaresborough United Reformed Church presently consists of a small but committed group of children and young people. They are a lively bunch who enjoy being together and who have a growing understanding of God's word. More importantly they have also begun to make their own commitment to Jesus Christ.

We are constantly reviewing our ministry to our young people to ensure that we meet the needs of all the children and present the message of the gospel clearly in a way each child can understand.

We currently have two groups of children/young people. We worship together as a church family for the first part of Sunday service and then the children/young people leave part way through the service to meet in their own age groups with the leaders:. The current age groups are:

See and Discover - ages 0-10. Children are encouraged to listen to a short bible story and there are a variety of play activities on offer, adapted to suit the ages of the children who come along. Parents of the very young are encouraged to stay in the session until such time as their little one is settled. Using Click material, the children are encouraged to apply the bible teachings to their own lives and explore for themselves what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Explore - 11+. These youngsters have their own relaxed area with comfy sofas. Using Grid material, they take part in lively questioning and discussion and are delving into the scriptures and building firm foundations. More recently, they have been known as our Worship Partners, being active in planning the third service in each month, with the Minister, and helping to lead worship and share their journey of faith with the fellowship which has been extremely encouraging for the youngsters and adults alike. The groups come back together into the congregation for refreshments at the end of the service.
Our prayer is that our children and young people will continue to grow in knowledge and of commitment to Jesus Christ and that as a church we would continue to develop our nurture of these bright and bubbly young people.